How can I invest in bringing global leadership and insight back to Wisconsin?

2019 Nuffield Farming Scholars Applications Open!
2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholars Application Brochure

Nuffield International believes that:

  • Agriculture is the foundation of a stable society.
  • In order for agriculture to be dynamic, remain competitive and serve society, we need leadership and expertise.
  • The outcome of agricultural leadership leads to a stable, safe and productive society.

Do you agree? Do you want to invest in promoting, developing and inspiring agricultural leaders? Do you want to be a part of influencing global agriculture and Wisconsin agriculture at the same time?  – if the answer is yes, then consider investing in a Nuffield International Farming Scholar from Wisconsin!

Investing in a Nuffield Scholar is just the starting point of BRINGING GLOBAL INSIGHT BACK TO WISCONSIN.
Investors have the opportunity to:

  • have real-time access to Scholar learnings
  • create brand/industry advocates at the farm level
  • direct their financial support to a specific industry sector
  • help Wisconsin organizations and policy makers benefit from first-hand findings of Wisconsin Nuffield Scholars.

Here are some additional benefits of investing:

  • Wisconsin participation in Nuffield International Farming Scholars PUTS WISCONSIN FARMERS ON EQUAL FOOTING WITH THEIR PEERS WORLDWIDE.
  • Through Scholar’s study topics, investors have ACCESS TO NEW PRACTICES AND PARADIGMS in agriculture, from innovative intellectual property to new global partnerships for production and processing.
  • Supporting a Nuffield Scholar puts organizations on the LEADING EDGE OF KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER, and BUILDS CAPACITY OF not just he individual Scholar but the ENTIRE AGRICULTURE SECTOR they serve.

If you want to learn more about how to invest in bringing global leadership and insight back to Wisconsin through a Nuffield International Farming Scholarship, contact us at 608-263-0817 or complete the interest form.

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