How can I help promote WIAgLeadersGoingGlobal?

2019 Nuffield Farming Scholars Applications Open!
2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholars Application Brochure

We are looking for partners in this exciting initiative designed to propel Wisconsin forward by connecting our leaders to the international agriculture community. Here is how you can help:

  • IDENTIFY REMARKABLE INDIVIDUALS who you think are (1) ready to grow their leadership beyond the farm or agribusiness, and (2) are poised to expand the reach of agricultural innovation, bringing back to Wisconsin what they learn in order to propel us forward in this global agricultural world.
    • Tell them personally that they would be a great candidate and they should learn more about this exciting opportunity.
    • Send them to this page to learn more – How can I learn more about becoming a Nuffield International Farming Scholar?
    • Encourage them to attend an information session (there are currently no information sessions scheduled).
    • Complete the interest form and we will reach out to you to discuss how to connect with the potential scholar.
  • GET THE WORD OUT about #WIAgLeadersGoingGlobal
    • Share our posts and articles on Facebook – @LeadershipWisconsin and Twitter – @LeadersWI
    • Include information in your organization meetings and newsletters
  • JOIN THE COMMITTEE leading this initiative and supporting future Wisconsin scholars. Complete the interest form to share your interest.
  • CONSIDER INVESTING IN WISCONSIN scholars by learning more about how we can create a Wisconsin Scholarships. Learn more by clicking here.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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