Travel Seminars

For over thirty years, Leadership Wisconsin has been bringing leaders across the globe on U.S. and International Travel Seminars allowing them to continue their leadership journey beyond Wisconsin’s borders. These unique educational opportunities have taken Wisconsin residents to over sixteen countries including Tanzania, Turkey and Argentina. Many of our alumni have credited their Travel Seminar experience as being on of the most transformational opportunities of their life. Join the tradition and see where this opportunity takes you!

Applications for all Upcoming Seminars are Closed 



April 20 – May 4, 2018 | Calendar

Despite its history of transition, Croatia serves as a testament to the power of entrepreneurial leadership. As the country forges forward with innovation, participants will explore issues of agriculture, tourism, economic development and healthcare through an international lens.

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September 10 – 17, 2017 | Calendar

The Bay Area and Central Valley of California offer a rich landscape to study food systems and their relationship natural resources and community and economic development. Participants will use “whole measures” to study the connections of the natural world to our ever-changing society.

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Interested participants should email with any questions.

Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities or limitations should be made prior to the date of the program or activity for which it is needed.  Please do so as early as possible prior to the program or activity so that proper arrangements can be made. Requests are kept confidential.


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