Local Leadership

As a local leadership graduate, you have been equipped with skills to lead your communities and causes. Build on that experience with Leadership Wisconsin. Join us in unique educational experiences across the state, nation and globe. Expand your networks and your capacity to achieve success around issues that matter. Leadership Wisconsin also serves the programs dedicated to developing local leaders. Join our growing statewide network of leadership programs aimed at achieving a Stronger Wisconsin.

International Travel Seminar – Croatia

Join Leadership Wisconsin in Croatia to learn how this country is forging forward with entrepreneurial leadership despite a history of turmoil and transition.


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Leadership Map

Explore our interactive mapping tool which provides information on over sixty local and regional leadership development programs.


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International Travel Seminar – Finland

You’ve done your local leadership training. Now it is time to take your leadership skills abroad with Leadership Wisconsin to Finland, a leader in the global economy.


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Virtual Book Club

Do you have a favorite leadership or management book that influenced your leadership journey? Let us know and we may feature it in our next Virtual Book Club discussion.


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Local Leadership Spotlight

Read how Leadership Wisconsin alumna, Heidi Clausen, managed to excel in both career and community endeavors.


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Leadership Excellence Awards

Nominate an individual or organization for a Leadership Excellence Award to recognize them for their great work in Wisconsin communities.


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Baye’s Pre-Croatia Blog: Entrepreneurial Leadership Through Turmoil and Transition, April 3, 2018

Written by: Tim Baye, Co-Chair, Leadership Wisconsin 2018 Croatia Seminar The title of our international seminar originated not in a brain-storming event involving Leadership Wisconsin folks stoked on too much coffee. No, this title reflects a moment, shall I be so bold as to claim an epiphany, in the middle of June 2001. I was […]

Erceg’s Connecting You to Croatia Blog: And there it is – Dubrovnik!, April 11, 2018

Written by : Aleksandar Erceg, Co-Chair, Leadership Wisconsin 2018 Croatia Seminar And there it is – Dubrovnik! The jewel of the Mediterranean and Croatia, the former independent city Republic, a MUST see in Croatia…. Just let yourself finish these sentences. This will be last stop of your trip in Croatia and this is the last blog (article) […]

Erceg’s Connecting You to Croatia Blog: There is no place like Split, March 30, 2018

Written by : Aleksandar Erceg, Co-Chair, Leadership Wisconsin 2018 Croatia Seminar There is no place like Split Welcome to Split! City of Split is almost 17 centuries old. It dates from the time the Roman Emperor Diocletian who built his palace on the peninsula near Romany City Salona (today Solin). During the last 1700 years, Diocletian’s […]

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