Leadership Wisconsin Awards



The Leadership Wisconsin Awards have recognized individuals dedicated to our programs and mission. We are proud to recognize alumni, partners, and graduates for the incredible work they do to build a stronger Wisconsin.

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Outstanding Alumni Award

The Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes a graduate of Leadership Wisconsin’s Signature Program whose professional and volunteer efforts have improves the lives of their fellow citizens. As the reward criteria describes, “The recipient serves as a role model for all to emulate. Their life serves as an inspiration to others and they are best known for doing “the right thing.” The recipient looks after the best interests of their community even when it is not politically expedient.” This award was initiated by Leadership Wisconsin Alumni in 1998.

Russ O’Harrow Award

The Russ O’Harrow Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to Leadership Wisconsin. From 1983 to 1988 Russ O’Harrow served as the first President of the Board of Directors. Russ was a statesman-like leader known throughout Wisconsin. After Russ passed away, his wife and family decided to honor his memory and his contributions to Leadership Wisconsin by establishing an award. The Russ O’Harrow Award honors those who, like Russ, have made outstanding contributions to Leadership Wisconsin and our mission of Developing Leaders to Strengthen Communities.

Alva Rankin Memorial Award

The Alva Rankin Memorial Award is given to a graduating Leadership Wisconsin Fellow who exemplifies Al’s strong leadership and personal skills. Al was one of our outstanding graduates and is remembered by his booming laugh, great sense of humor and wonderment, ability to ask probing questions, and traits as a world class individual. The graduating Signature Program Group selects the classmate who receives the award. Along with the award they receive a $100 honorarium to go toward a community project, leadership project, or entity that contributes to the community good. The recipient of the honorarium is selected by the award winner. The winner exemplifies Al Rankin’s traits as a world class individual including having a clear vision, being solutions oriented, constantly learning, and focusing on listening to and valuing others.

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