Recognizing and celebrating leadership is an important way Leadership Wisconsin, Inc. develops leaders to strengthen communities. With each award, Leadership Wisconsin, Inc. publicly affirms present achievements, seeks to encourage further work on the part of the recipients, and hopes to motivate others to follow their lead in service to Wisconsin communities.

Leadership Excellence Awards

The Leadership Excellence Awards recognize individuals, organizations, and leadership programs that have made a significant positive impact in Wisconsin. We celebrate people and organizations willing to roll up their sleeves, take initiative, and build capacity to solve problems in their neighborhoods and communities.

The Leadership Excellence Awards include the Emerging Leader Award, Collaborating for Transformation Award, Modeling the Way Award, and Shaping Wisconsin Leaders Award.

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leadership-awardsLeadership Wisconsin Awards

The Leadership Wisconsin Awards recognize individuals dedicated to our programs and mission. We are proud to recognize alumni, partners, and graduates for the incredible work they do in building a stronger Wisconsin.

The Leadership Wisconsin Awards include the Outstanding Alumni Award, Russ O’Harrow Award, and Alva Rankin Memorial Award.

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