Mission, Vision, Core Values

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We are building a stronger Wisconsin by connecting, cultivating and amplifying the effectiveness of leaders.

  • We connect leaders, expanding their networks across the state, nation and globe, so they can access relationships to address community and organizational challenges.
  • We cultivate leadersadvancing their skills through experiential learning and unique opportunities, so they can achieve greater success around issues that matter.
  • We amplify their effectivenessexposing them to new ideas, places, perspectives and cultures, so they can lead in a dynamic and diverse world.


We want to see strong communities with effective leaders in a changing world.

Core Values

  • Building Community: Growing diverse networks, collaborations and connections
  • Encouraging Learning: Achieving personal growth and professional development
  • Fostering Understanding: Respecting diverse points-of-view; broadening the sense of community; and experiencing and applying a global perspective
  • Acting with Integrity: Enabling personal and professional development based on ethical behavior, demonstrating a commitment to excellence, and accepting the challenge to act


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