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Local Leadership Programs and Graduates

As a local leadership graduate, you are prepared to lead communities and causes. Build your capacity to impact issues that matter with unique educational experiences across the state, nation and globe. Join our growing statewide network of leadership programs aimed at achieving a Stronger Wisconsin. Read More…

Leaders in Government

The political and policy climate grows more complicated every day. Equip yourself through programs designed to help you learn about critical issues, connect with other government officials and employees, and uncover solutions that will lead your community towards a stronger future. Read More…

Leaders in Business

The private sector is a dynamic environment with complex challenges. Grow your business and professional resume with programs that expose you to networks, ideas, places, and perspectives to enhance your ability to adapt to change, implement solutions, and lead the way to greater success.
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As Leadership Wisconsin / WRLP alumni, you have experienced the transformation that accompanies developing close relationships and exploring new places and critical issues. Continue to stay connected through our monthly Alumni News and alumni-specific programming.
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