Leadership Wisconsin Examines Entrepreneurial Leadership in Croatia

Leadership Wisconsin’s 2018 International Travel Seminar was a fifteen-day educational experience in Croatia. Alumni and scholars joined Leadership Wisconsin Group XVII as they studied entrepreneurial leadership as it relates to the turmoil and transition of the country’s past and present. The group was led by co-chairs Tim Baye and Joan Gillman.

Baye is a Professor of Business Development and a State Energy Specialist with UW Extension. He taught both financial management and consulting courses for the MBA program at the J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia for eleven years. Baye maintains strong relationships with students—many who are now professionals in government, business, and university settings across the country. Gillman’s experience in Croatia dates back to 1997 when she worked with professors to start an entrepreneurship program at the university. Currently, Gillman is a Faculty Associate in Executive Education and Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Baye and Gillman’s connections led to a partnership with members of the Faculty of Economics at University of Osijek. As a result seminar participants were able to meet with leaders in business and industry, education, and government. Leaders who are shaping the future of Croatia’s economy.

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