Announcing Additional 2018 International Travel Seminar

Photo: Niklas Sjöblom/ Visit Helsinki

Leadership Wisconsin is excited to announce another International Travel Seminar opportunity in the spring of 2018. This ten day travel seminar will be held in Finland where Seminar Scholars can explore how the country invests in and applies innovation and collaboration.

The purpose of the leadership seminar is to learn from the innovative approaches Finland has adopted to consistently stay at the top of the list as one of the most competitive nations in the world.

Meet the Co-Chairs

The Internationional Travel Seminar Co-Chairs, Connie Loden and Dennis Winters, offer significant connections and cultural knowledge to this unique leadership development opportunity.

Connie Loden, CEcD, is a Senior Project Manager at New North, Inc. and also an alumna of Leadership Wisconsin’s Signature Program (Group VI). As an alumna, she served on the Leadership Wisconsin Board of Directors and is a former president of the board. Loden brings with her over twenty-five years of community and economic development expertise having worked for individual communities as an international consultant and speaker.

Dennis Winters is a Chief Economist for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. Winters offers his unique expertise in discovering new relationships between workforce development and economic development.

Why Finland?

Finland has many similarities to Wisconsin including size, population, ancestry, culture, and industry mix. These similarities allow lessons learned in Finland to be more readily applied to Wisconsin communities.

The seminar will explore the triple helix (Business, Education, Government) collective vision approach Finland utilizes to meet global changes and be highly competitive in the global economic environment.  Seminar Scholars will be introduced to a wide spectrum of leaders in Finland’s government, education and businesses to expand their networks and enhance their knowledge base.

The International Travel Seminar to Finland will focus on the following themes.

  • Business, education, and government collaboration to implement the clearly defined Triple Helix Vision
  • Synergies across education, training, and workforce development initiatives
  • Applied learning concepts for effective advancements in research and development leading to increased product commercialization
  • Cultivating cross-cutting discipline horizons
  • Entrepreneurship support programming – intersecting engineering, business, and design institutes
  • Creative and progressive community economic development initiatives

What to Expect

The International Travel Seminar to Finland will consist of meetings and presentations on how Finnish stakeholders have intentionally fostered an innovative culture, founded on targeted investments in human capital and commercialization of applied science.

Costs and dates are currently being finalized as the details of the itinerary are firmed up. The seminar tuition will not include airfare. Each accepted Seminar Scholar will be expected to book their own airfare allowing them to have flexibility before and after the seminar.

For More Information

If you would like to receive more information about the trip, please contact the Leadership Wisconsin office at (608) 346-7088 or For questions specific to the country and seminar programming, contact Connie Loden at (920) 645-4879 or

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