Fellow Feature: Jennifer Thatcher

jennifer-thatcherLeadership Wisconsin Group XVII Fellow Feature

My name is Jen Thatcher and I am a self-employed finance and small business consultant in Wilson, Wisconsin where I live with my husband and two children. I enjoy landscaping, fishing, exploring, and people. I have a masters in business administration and finance, and bachelor of arts degree from Bethel University but have never stopped learning and looking for answers.

I am passionate about my community, and others like it in rural America, and work to engage with community stakeholders at all levels. I want to make a positive difference for tomorrow.

After departing from my position at a leading energy, grains and food company for over 10 years, I have entered into a transitional period in my career. Thus, Leadership Wisconsin was the perfect fit. I look forward to engaging in the Signature Program’s collective leadership approach in order to build my own leadership capacity. This opportunity will allow me to better understand the issues facing Wisconsin so I can mobilize my community, and others, into action.

I believe communities thrive when entrepreneurship is promoted and fiscally achievable. I hope to inspire and mobilize groups and/or individuals to move forward with their ideas and connect them with the resources necessary for success. I plan to approach this from a socioeconomic perspective and address equity issues related to race, age, gender, geography, culture and more.

I view economic development as a very broad issue extending beyond my own community which is why I believe this socioeconomic lense is so helpful. Socioeconomics, in general, analyzes how societies progress, stagnate, or regress because of their local or regional economy, or the global economy. Leadership Wisconsin will help me increase my knowledge and experience with respect to economic development so I may help strengthen my community and communities beyond.

I hope to build on my own passions to engage others in an effort to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation. More specifically, I feel inspired to serve the millennial generation so they feel empowered to engage in entrepreneurial ventures and economic development initiatives. I want to inspire active involvement in policy and advocacy to help strengthen economic viability.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for strengthening communities through transparency, relationships, and empowerment. I look forward to using the wealth of resources and extensive network of the Leadership Wisconsin community to work collaboratively toward a better future.

Assist Jen’s Leadership Journey by becoming a Tuition Sponsor. Contact Leadership Wisconsin at 608-263-0817.

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