Fellow Feature: Veronica Chavez

veronica-chavezLeadership Wisconsin Group XVII Fellow Feature

My name is  Veronica Chavez.  A am a single mother and entrepreneur born in Douglas, Arizona and raised in Wisconsin.  I am a business owner of a nail salon (V’Dazzled Nail Spa & Boutique) in Madison, Wisconsin going on 5 years.  I take time to talk and learn from my clients so I can better understand our community.

I have met many local entrepreneurs and have collaborated on many events to help promote them as they have helped in promoting my business.  We have held holiday expos to help support local artists and entrepreneurs, and I have held events for kids to give parents time during school breaks.

I am most passionate about educating on the importance of having natural and chemical-free food.  This passion is because of my 13-year old son.  He has struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder.  We have learned that what he eats dramatically impacts his health, focus and quality of life.  Together we have learned how sugar affects his emotions and behavior and I take action by helping him to read food labels and make good food choices.  The difference I have seen in my son’s life because of natural, low-sugar and chemical-free foods has inspired me to educate others.  It is my hope that quality food can be convenient and affordable so other families can improve their health.  Medical costs are a big issue for many families.  I’d like to help prevent medical issues through nutrition education.

I believe there is a connection between food and health, and that when families are not healthy their lives are filled with more stress, anxiety and depression.  Too many people are medicating with alcohol and other drugs.  I am active with “Voices for Recovery” and would like to do even more to help educate and advocate for those in recovery.

My son is the most important part of my life, and as I lead in the community, I want him to be by my side.  I enjoy talking with him about how we can motivate kids his age to get healthy.  I think we have to educate the children and as they become excited their parents will change health habits.  I believe Leadership Wisconsin can help me  learn how to approach other community members and elected officials about important issues.  It can help me organize events, engage others, and teach me how to influence state and federal policy to make a difference in our communities and lives!

I have perseverance and passion to help others in need.  I know that if given the opportunity I can make big changes in helping others with their condition in life!

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