Introducing Leadership Wisconsin Group XVII


Leadership Wisconsin is honored to introduce the newest participants of our Signature Program.  The Fellows of Group XVII come from communities across the state – Ashland to Madison, and Eau Claire to Manitowoc.  Their backgrounds include agriculture, education, law, natural resources, music, small business, government, and science.

Designed for residents from diverse backgrounds, Leadership Wisconsin’s Signature Program seeks individuals who share a strong desire to actively participate in meeting the challenges facing their organizations and communities.  The first group of leaders graduated in 1986 from what was then named the Wisconsin Rural Leadership Program.  In the 30 years since Group I graduated, over 400 leaders can proudly call themselves Leadership Wisconsin/WRLP Alumni!

This 2-year hands-on leadership development experience takes leaders out of the traditional classroom and exposes them to people, places, ideas and issues they might not otherwise encounter.  A perfect example of The Wisconsin Idea, Leadership Wisconsin is a program of the University of Wisconsin Extension – Cooperative Extension.  Program participants enhance their personal, interpersonal, organizational, and community leadership skills.  They gain a broadened understanding of local, state, and national issues, and are prepared to apply their leadership skills to affect positive change in a dynamic multicultural world.  Their two-year educational journey is supported by a formal mentoring relationship and culminates with a 2-week international seminar.

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