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Signature Program Insider


Welcome to the Leadership Wisconsin Signature Program Insider.  The Signature Program is designed for Wisconsin residents from diverse backgrounds who share a strong desire to actively participate in meeting the challenges facing their organizations and communities.  Join these leaders on their journey as you read each issue of the Insider.  Discover the places they visit, people they meet, and issues they explore.  Follow both program fellows and alumni as they create lasting change across Wisconsin!

November 2016 Signature Program Insider


2016_criminal justice (1)Introducing Leadership Wisconsin Group XVII

Leadership Wisconsin is honored to introduce the newest participants of our Signature Program. The Fellows of Group XVII come from communities across the state–Ashland to Madison, and Eau Claire to Manitowoc. Their backgrounds include agriculture, education, law, natural resources, music, small business, government, and science. 

The individuals in Group XVII are Veronica Chavez, Aurora Conley, Alison Duff, Jan Dworschak, Catherine Egger, Harry Hertel, Mary Hookham, Katie Meyer, Becky Nichols, Jennifer Thatcher, and Linda Zillmer.

Click here to learn more about Group XVII:

G17_improvYes, And! Using Improv to Develop Leadership Skills

The sport of Tooth Brushing was recently added to the Olympics! Don’t believe us? Well, you are correct, the sport is not officially recognized. But don’t tell that to Leadership Wisconsin Group XVII. At their Foundational Seminar in Osseo this last August the group engaged in improv skits to develop their leadership skills–one of which involved a Tooth Brushing competition with brush-by-brush commentary.

This practice and activity did more than teach the group tangible leadership skills, it also helped them build trust and team comradery during their first seminar of their tow-year leadership journey.

Click here to learn more about group XVII’s lessons in improv:

Group XVII Building Skills and Exploring Issues

LEADERSHIP WISCONSIN’S Signature Program is designed to help participants discover their leadership passion, potential, and philosophy. Whether their leadership goal is to serve in elected office or engage in grassroots change efforts, the program helps them practice, reflect and refine leadership skills in order to take action. The program exposes leaders to a variety of issues that are important at the local, state, national, and global level.

Group XVII will be honing their skills in five specific areas:

  • Awareness of Self & Others
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Community Organizing
  • Public Policy

Over their two-year journey they will explore issues related to:

  • Education
  • Criminal Justice
  • Food Systems
  • Natural Resources
  • Healthcare

G17_educationStudying Education Provides Group XVII with New Perspectives

Mary Hookham of Group XVII reports on the groups’ experiences during the Education Seminar this past September where the group not only learned the basics of public and private education institutions, but also fine-tuned their initial leadership skills. They spent the three-day seminar in Milwaukee touring schools and listening to several speakers involved in the field of education. The fellows also spent time with community leaders who taught them the importance of relationship-building and asking powerful questions.

Click here to learn more about Group XVII’s Education Seminar:

G17_wordcloudSummary of Group XVII’s Exploration of Education

Alison Duff of Group XVII summarizes the learning outcomes of each of the three days of the Education Seminar. The fellows of Group XVII spent the seminar exploring the following ideas as detailed by Alison: (1) Learning a method for how we can be effective in public life; (2) How do we create an education system that works for all Wisconsin children?; (3) Our role in developing and supporting a strong, effective education system.

Leadership Wisconsin invites you to learn with the current fellows, ask powerful questions, and explore issues related to education. Click here to read Alison’s summary and learn with us:

Fellow Feature: Meet Veronica Chavez, Madison Small Business Owner

We are excited to have Veronica Chavez as a part of the Leadership Wisconsin community. Veronica is a single mother and entrepreneur born in Douglas, Arizona but was raised in Wisconsin. She is a business owner of a nail salon in Madison, Wisconsin and takes the time to learn from her clients so she can better understand her community. Veronica is most passionate about education others on the importance of having natural and chemical-free food. 

Click here to learn more about Veronica and her leadership journey:

Signature Program Calendar:

  • December 7, 2016 – Group XVII Mentor Orientation Brownbag, Online
  • January 24 – 27, 2017 – Group XVII Seminar #4: State Policy Seminar, Madison

Thank You to Our Signature Program Donors:

  • Tution Sponsors – these gifts have been given in financial support of a Group XVII Fellow
    • Linda and Mark Backer
    • Allan Blaschko
    • Gene Buss
    • Siamak Dailami
    • Rick (former Board Member) and Peggy Daluge
    • Chris Derrickson
    • Bert Hodous and Donna Brogan
    • Mary Housner (Group VII)
    • Roger Klein
    • Sumner and Nancy Mcallister
    • Janet Mueller
    • Dan Poulson (former Board Member)
    • Michael and Julia Roskos
    • Roland Roskos
    • Connie (Group III) and Robert Scharlau
    • Sheila Shirinpour
    • Lori Symitczek
    • Luan Woychik
    • Bernard (Group II) and Michelle Ziegeweid
    • Scott Zimmerman (Group IV) and Christine Walsh-Zimmerman
  • Seminar Supporters – these hosts, in-kind contributors, and financial gifts directly supported Group XVII’s educational experience
    • Tom Mosgaller, Industrial Areas Foundation
    • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Continuing Education
    • Village of Thiensville


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