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Welcome to the Leadership Wisconsin Alumni News, a place for alumni to stay connected, learn about educational and networking opportunities, and remain informed of what’s happening with Leadership Wisconsin.

March 2017 Alumni News


Alumni Listening Sessions

Leadership Wisconsin held three listening sessions for alumni and former board/staff to discuss our future directions. We are very grateful for the thoughtful feedback from our alumni and are excited for what is to come. We have created a summary of what we heard from you.

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If alumni would like to offer additional feedback, please complete this survey.

Virtual Book Club: On Emotional Intelligence

Registration is open for our next title in the Virtual Book Club, Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads On Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence has been identified by multiple researchers as the key to effective leadership and effective teams. But what exactly is it? Does it just come naturally, or can we learn it? The great news is, everybody can improve their emotional intelligence. In this compilation, Harvard Business Review brings us 10 key articles that explain what emotional intelligence is, why it’s so important, how it affects performance, and how we can improve our “emotional agility” both for our own well-being and for the benefit of our colleagues and organizations.

To learn more about the Virtual Book Club and registration, click here.

New Website Launch in April

The Leadership Wisconsin website will be getting a new look in April. As Leadership Wisconsin develops and starts to focus on new audiences and approaches, we want to ensure our website is professional, interactive, and engaging. Keep an eye out for our new website look and watch as we continue to add valuable content and helpful features.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the new website, please email

Alumni Trip to Finland

Leadership Wisconsin is excited to announce the Finland Leadership Exchange, a leadership look at how Finland invests in and applies innovation and collaboration to consistently be among the leading countries in the global economy. This trip is offered exclusively to Leadership Wisconsin and WRLP Alumni.

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Alumni Updates:

We want to hear from you! Email us your updates at to let your fellow alumni know what you are up to.



Thank You To Our Fabulous Donors:

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