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Alva Rankin Memorial Award

We have an opportunity to remember one of our outstanding graduates—Alva Rankin. His booming laugh, great sense of humor and wonderment, the ability to ask probing questions, and his personality was indeed indicative of his leadership and life skills.

The Alva Rankin Memorial Award  is given to a graduating Leadership Wisconsin Fellow who exemplifies Al’s strong leadership and personal skills. The graduating Signature Program Group selects the classmate who receives the award.

Along with the award they receive a $100 honorarium to go toward a community project, leadership project, or entity that contributes to the community good. The recipient of the honorarium is selected by the award winner.


Winner exemplify Al Rankin’s traits a World Class individual:

  • World Class individuals have vision
  • World Class individuals are solutions oriented
  • World Class individuals are learning machines
  • World Class individuals focus on being and having great people skills, making others feel valued, listening to and engaging others

Previous Recipients of the Alva Rankin Memorial Award


2016 Alva Rankin Award Recipient:




David Lee Schneider (Group XVI)

Donation to: Invest an Acre

If you are interested in donating to the Alva Rankin Memorial Fund, please contact

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